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ERL Total Wireless Earbuds Review

When they first burst onto the scene, true wireless earbuds were a premium – being reserved largely for early adopters and diehard gadget lovers. Since then, however, prices have been gradually going down. And that’s where we’re at with the …

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs LG V30

A glance at the Samsung Galaxy S9+ next to the LG V30 wouldn’t be enough to pick a favorite. It’s just that both have so much in common: immersive OLED displays, dual cameras, glass-on-metal construction, and the list goes on. …

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reMarkable tablet review

The reMarkable tablet is something only a real “paper” person—as the company likes to call its potential customers—would ever consider buying. It’s not a traditional tablet, in that it doesn’t run Android, or iOS, or Windows, and as such, it …

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