We’ve already gotten our first look at what Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has to offer, and it won’t be a single-player campaign. At E3 2018, we expect to see more of its multiple zombies modes and its battle royale mode Blackout. We’re also lined up to see another Destiny 2 update and possibly some DLC for the fall.

The list below is all the current games we know Activision will take to the show. We also know that Activision will have a booth on the floor at the show, but it has not confirmed what will be showing there.

This list is sure to expand within the coming weeks and hopefully Activision will release its full plans. It will not be hosting a press conference, but the full schedule of E3 pressers can be found here.

For even more E3 news and features, bookmark our E3 2018 hub. Check back often for all the breaking news, features, and trailer roundups from the pressers June 9 to 12, and from the show floor June 12 to 14. While you’re waiting for the show to come around, brush up on the show’s history in our History of E3 feature.



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