The first trailer for HBO’s upcoming movie adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 has arrived, and it’s loaded with all kinds of dystopian goodness. No robot cowboys, though. That’s Westworld‘s domain.

The film, based on the 1953 novel by Ray Bradbury, envisions a future where books are outlawed and burned. Black Panther‘s Michael B. Jordan stars in HBO’s take on the source material. He plays Guy Montag, one of the men responsible for burning books. The trailer shows Guy to be happy with his place in the world, though he ultimately begins questioning the why the world’s books are being destroyed.

Jordan is joined by Michael Shannon, who plays the devious Captain Beatty–the head of the book burning crew. “We are not born equal, so we must be made equal by the fire,” Beatty reasons.

The cast is rounded out by Sofia Boutella, Lilly Singh, Laura Harrier, and Marton Donovan. Ramin Bahrani (99 Homes) has written and directed the films. Though a specific premiere date has not been announced, HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 will arrive in May.



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