David Price of the Boston Red Sox, one of the best and highest-paid pitchers in all of Major League Baseball, is currently embroiled in some drama–but it has nothing to do with baseball.

Price, who signed a $217 million contract with the Sox in 2015, plays a lot of Fortnite. He also recently missed a start due to minor carpal tunnel. So of course, people are asking if his gaming habits–he sometimes plays until 2 AM after games–has something to do with it.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora already said Price’s gaming is unrelated to his injury. After all, Price has been playing video games for a while, just like most other people. But when you’re paid more than $200 million, people start to ask these kinds of questions.

There has been so much hullaballoo about Price’s gaming habits, and Fortnite in particular, that Price has now come forward to say he’s not going to play the game when he’s at the ballpark. This is according to MLB.com Red Sox beat writer Ian Browne, who apparently spoke with Price in New York this week during the Sox-Yankees series. In announcing his semi-retirement from Fortnite, Browne said Price is “aware the topic has been a distraction last couple of days.” Additionally, Boston Herald reporter Michael Silverman quoted Price as saying video games had nothing to do with his wrist injury.


While Price may be done playing Fortnite at the ballpark, he may still play at home and in hotel rooms. Plenty of Price’s teammates play Fortnite as well; pitcher Carson Smith is apparently the best of the group. They are so wrapped up in the game that they have to remind themselves to eat.

The Red Sox are neck-and-neck with the Yankees for the best record in all of baseball. Should their on-field performance fall off, you can expect more questions about and criticism of their gaming habits. But until then, here’s to hoping they all get victory royales.

In other Fortnite news, Avengers: Infinity War bad guy Thanos is now in the game as part of a limited-time mode. For more, check out GameSpot’s video above that shows off how and where to get Thanos’ super-powerful gauntlet.


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