On May 22 Google will launch YouTube Music, a new music streaming service combining audio and video content. The aim is to let users enjoy all kinds of content from their favorite artists and discover new music in a single application.

In addition to the extensive catalog of albums to listen to and music videos to watch, Google promises several thousand playlists and artist radios. In fact, the pre-existing YouTube Music application has been entirely reworked to integrate the new offer. Notable features include a smart search function, for finding music from lyrics or a general description, as well as recommendations based on listening history. And, like Spotify, YouTube Music will have a desktop player for user computers.

The service will be available free with ads or as paid-for YouTube Music Premium subscription for US$9.99 (RM39.69) per month, bringing add-free listening, downloads and background listening. Note that Google Play Music will continue to exist (for the time being, at least), and subscribers will get YouTube Music Premium as part of their membership.

Google is simultaneously launching YouTube Premium – the new name for the YouTube Red subscription service for ad-free access to the video sharing platform, as well as exclusive content. YouTube Premium is priced US$11.99 (RM47.63) per month.

YouTube Music launches May 22 in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea. It should be available in Europe soon.


The world’s leading music streaming service is currently Spotify, which has over 75 million paid subscribers and 170 million users worldwide. — AFP Relaxnews


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