In 2014, Scarlet Moon Records launched a video game music album that few could have seen coming. The Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies album features famous video game songs presented in a jazzy lullaby style to help you sleep. It’s a unique concept, and one that was successful enough to get five further album releases, including those dedicated to Secret of Mana and Undertale, and one in honor of the Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Now, Scarlet Moon Records is announcing a remaster of the album that started it all–and it’s coming soon.

The re-issue features the same songs from the original, along with two bonus tracks: “Fisherman’s Horizon” from Final Fantasy VIII and an entirely original track called “He Chose You.” Additionally, the audio has been tweaked to “more closely [match up with] the rest of the albums.” The music was performed by the group Gentle Love, which is a duo comprised of Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta composer Norihiko Hibino on saxophone and PersonaQ pianist Ayaki.

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Ahead of the remaster’s release next week, GameSpot is bringing you an exclusive preview of the “Fisherman’s Horizon” track. It is a lovely, gentle tune that combines the piano and sax smoothly. It puts you to sleep–in a good way. You can listen to the full preview in the embed above. The album’s cover art can be seen above.

Producer Jayson Nopolitano said the original album has become “a musical phenomenon,” and he’s already teasing the next release.


“We found that listeners have been creating their own playlists with all six albums in the series and that the original volume could benefit from some remastering as such,” he said. “We also wanted to treat fans to both a new arrangement and an original track–which we’ve been told are the highlights of many of our albums–to celebrate four years of the series. We’re thankful for all the support and look forward to announcing the next album in the series soon.”

You can pre-order Prescription for Sleep Volume 1 Game Music Lullabies Remaster now on Bandcamp.


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