Some PC users are much too trusting in leaving their Windows computer unlocked and unattended.

But anyone who works in a large office should safeguard access to their work computer to ensure that colleagues can’t pull any practical jokes during lunch breaks or trips to the bathroom, like posting something embarrassing on a social network.

All you need to know to secure your computer from unauthorised access is one simple trick.

In Windows, just press the Windows key and the L key simultaneously. If you don’t like keyboard shortcuts, you can also go to the Start menu and click “Lock”. This option might be hidden in the “Shut down” options.

PC users only need to log in quickly after returning to their desk. The programmes being used will remain open in their current state and no data will be lost.


Apple users can typically lock a MacBook by folding down the lid or hitting Control, Shift and either the power or eject button. — dpa


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